8.8.16 Fire crews called after blaze at Biffa waste centre in Marchwood


Fire fighters have dealt with the aftermath of a huge blaze at a Hampshire industrial estate.  Crews spent more than 24 hours tackling the fire at the Biffa Waste Services site in Marchwood.

More than 100 emergency service personnel were called to the site when 140 tonnes of household waste, more than a quarter of the depot’s contents, caught fire at 1pm on 9th August 2016.

Residents living near the site in North Road were urged to keep their windows closed to avoid the smoke. 

Around a dozen fire fighters continued to tackle the flames with more than 100 tonnes of rubbish still alight within the depot building until it was extinguished.

A brigade spokesman at the time said: “The fire is now out, but the remaining waste will be closely monitored for the next few days to make sure no re-ignition occurs.

“No one was injured in the fire, but we did ask residents directly affected by the smoke plume to close their doors and windows as a precaution, which is no longer necessary.”

Crews from St Mary's, Hythe, Totton and Redbridge were originally called to tackle the fire, which at its height required ten fire engines, two aerial ladder platforms and multiple support vehicles.

Fire fighters battled overnight to prevent the blaze from spreading.

Emergency services removed 20 tonnes of waste from the top so they could access burning rubbish below it while three fire engines used two water jets and three breathing apparatus.

South Central Ambulance Service's hazardous area response team and police also helped with the operation.

The size of the blaze mean that it was several days before investigators can establish its cause.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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