1.5.16 Three people die in Spalding house fire


Fire investigators find third body

Fire broke out shortly after 12am on Sunday 1st May, at a property in Tower Lane, off Cowbit Road, Lincolnshire. 

Lincolnshire Police said the cause of the fire was not yet known as it had been initially thought to be unsafe for fire investigators to enter the house.  Police are working to establish the identity of the three deceased and to trace next of kin.  A joint fire service and police investigation continues.

Lincolnshire Fire Service said six crews were call in to deal with the fire.  The house fire became so dangerous that fire fighters could not enter for their own safety.

Station manager Matthew Perrin said that the fire had spread from the ground floor to the first floor area before being brought under control.  Officers managed to rescue one of the victims, but were unable to resuscitate them.

A second casualty was found in the house in the early hours of Sunday, after the fire was put out.

Locals in the town believe the house was rented and could have been of multiple occupation.  One neighbour said the flames ripped through the property, becoming out of control very fast.

Matthew Perrin, stated:  "There were persons reported to be in the building.  We managed to get one casualty out but unfortunately they were deceased.  We went back into the property for a search and rescue but the fire was so severe the building had internally collapsed.  We had to withdraw our crews.  It was a well-developed fire on our arrival. 

In the early hours of the morning we were able to locate a second casualty.  We have not been able to get back into the property."

It was initially confirmed that two bodies had been found, but a third body was later discovered.

At its height six engines from Spalding, Crowland, Holbeach, Kirton, Donington and Market Deeping attended and an aerial platform from Boston was in use to survey the building.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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