Hampshire Garage Gutted after Fire Rips Through It


Fire rips through Otterbourne business as crews rush to remove propane tanks

Propane tanks had to be quickly removed by fire fighters, who feared the situation could quickly get "very dangerous".  As many as 40 fire fighters were on the scene at Williams Garage in Otterbourne.

The blaze broke out around 3.30am on 30th November 2015 and had taken more than three hours for Hampshire Fire and Rescue to get under control.  The main building has been 80 per cent destroyed by the fire, with the roof collapsing in as well.  A unit at the rear has also been wrecked, as have around 20 vehicles.

Fire crews were able to stop the flames spreading to the adjacent former filling station and garages at the rear of the property, which are attached to homes.  The main road was closed in both directions, but reopened at 8am.

The building measured 32 metres by 15 metres and was used as a garage, workshops and offices.

Ten breathing apparatus, seven jets and one compressed air jet were used to extinguish the fire.  Appliances from Eastleigh, Winchester, St Mary's and Redbridge attended the incident.  No-one was injured in the fire, or needed to be evacuated from nearby properties.

Fire fighters remained on the scene damping down, while police officers began an investigation into the cause of the fire, which is believed to have started in one corner of the main building.

Special investigators are trying to determine what led to a blaze ripping through the Hampshire family business destroying more than 20 cars inside.  Flames started in one corner of the building near the paint working area and quickly spread.  Investigators have not ruled out whether the fire was started deliberately.  The main building, with all contents inside, including 20 vehicles and workmen’s tools, was virtually destroyed.  A workshop at the rear of the building was also destroyed as well as offices.

Three burnt out cars outside the building were “glowing orange” from the radiated heat of the fire.  A spokesman from Hampshire police said they believed no evidence had been lost or damaged in the blaze.

Story collated by Liz Turnbull.

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