Fatal Fire at Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital


    A 75-year-old woman has died after a fire at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

    Crews were called to the scene after the blaze broke out in the Royal Victoria building at about 02:28am.

    Fire-fighters helped move fourteen patients from the affected ward to another part of the complex.

    The building affected by the fire specialises in treating the elderly. An automatic fire alarm call was received by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

    Two fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the ground floor ward and helped staff evacuate 14 patients from the affected ward before turning their attention to the small blaze. They were unable to save the elderly woman who died at the scene.

    Fire-fighters had the blaze under control by 4.44am. No one else was injured.

    No one else was injured. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown, however the fire is not thought to have been started by faulty equipment.

    Melanie Johnson, NHS Lothian's director of unscheduled care, said: "We can confirm a fire occurred in part of one ward at the Royal Victoria Building during the course of the night.

    "Sadly a female patient has died and our thoughts are with her family at this time. We are assisting emergencies services with their investigations.

    "Staff responded quickly and followed well rehearsed protocols."

    She added: "A small number of patients were transferred temporarily to an adjoining ward before returning after around an hour."

    Police are carrying out a joint investigation with the fire service into the cause of the blaze.

    A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Investigations are at an early stage following the death of a 75-year-old woman at the Western General Hospital.

    "Officers attended after reports were received of a small fire in a room in one of the wards."


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