Large Fire in Surrey Industrial Estate


    A large fire that broke out in an industrial estate in Surrey led to the evacuation of nearby residents.

    Around 100 firefighters and 20 fire appliances have been called to the Renshaw Estate since the blaze erupted shortly after midnight last Monday.

    “It has been necessary to put some precautionary measures in place, with a number of residents being evacuated to a local rest centre,” Surrey Fire and Rescue Service told media.

    “The incident is likely to be protracted. Further advice will be issued when necessary if the incident develops. For the time being residents are advised to avoid the area, so emergency services can reach the scene.”

    The fire’s cause remains unclear, but several businesses have been virtually destroyed by the fire, including Eggxactly Ltd, which appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2006.

    Speaking to getSURREY, Keith Fox of Extem Engineering reflected on the devastation to his livelihood.

    “It looks like our business has been extensively damaged and it’s definitely water damaged,” he said. “Most of the estate is gone. Twenty years of work down the drain.”


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