E-cigarette Explodes at Family Home in Ringwood


    A mother is lucky to be alive after a faulty charger caused an explosion at her Ringwood home.

    The charger, connected to an e-cigarette, caught fire and overheated the pressurised canister of an air horn, which then exploded.

    Now trading standards officers have warned the public that only chargers supplied with electrical items should be used.

    The woman was alerted to the fire in an upstairs bedroom of the house on Southampton Road by her smoke alarm, which had only had its battery changed the previous week.

    After discovering the fire, she managed to escape downstairs before the explosion in her room.

    Trading standards are looking into incidents of faulty chargers, and chargers being used inappropriately after a string of incidents.

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Group Manager Dan Tasker said: “People charge their devices from their laptops and use other USB connectors without the safety cut-off.

    “The proper chargers have a point where they go on to trickle charge when the device is charged, which stops it overheating. A lead plugged into your laptop doesn’t, and as an e-cig only takes about half an hour to charge it overheated very quickly.”

    Only chargers supplied with electrical items should be used, says Mr Tasker. The incident is the latest in a string of incidents in the UK involving the use of cheap or inappropriate chargers and firefighters said the woman is lucky to have received no injuries.

    In May, a Welsh woman was burned after her e-cigarette exploded when it was plugged into her phone charger.  

    A barmaid in North Yorkshire was also injured earlier this year when a charging e-cigarette overheated.

    A spokesman from Hampshire County Council Trading Standards said: "The message is do not buy cheap or unbranded chargers for use with e-cigarettes, mobile phones or any other devices. They are invariably dangerous and illegal.

    "At the least, they are capable of destroying your device. At worst, they have the potential to give a fatal electric shock or cause a very serious house fire.

    "Our officers regularly stop and destroy large quantities of unsafe chargers as part of their work at ports. This is a widespread problem, with many being sold through internet sellers.

    "Always make sure that the rated output of your charger is matched to the product you are charging."


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Story Written by the Daily Echo of Southampton:



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